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Dude, I full-on Swazyed that mother!

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Bunny Icons by Leggyslove
Welcome to Bunny Icons, Leggysloves' personal icon and graphics journal. Here you will find icons, graphics, screencaps, brushes and more! Feel free to friend this journal and check out my stuff. Even though this is a community only I have posting access, so please don't ask me if you can post here. I currently do not take requests from people, but I will gladly take suggestions for future work!

Please read before you use my stuff: Do NOT hotlink. If you do not know what hotlinking is, then go here. Then you won't do it.

Let me know what you're using/taking. I like to know who uses what. I prefer if fellow LJ'ers just use my stuff, but if you like what you see and want to use it somewhere else comment or email me at: leggyslove AT livejournal.com

If you are using an icon that I make then you are required to put credit in the keywords/comments. The keywords/comments are where you upload your icon and there is a little blank box where you can type stuff in. Just simply type in made by Bunny Icons.

See? Not too hard.
To check out what I've made so far you can check out my memories or my tags.

Want to Affiliate? Then read this post

Current list of affiliates can be found here.

My list of Resources and Credits. This list can change without warning, so check back once and a while to see what I've added and what I like to use. If you see something that I've used and have not credited, then let me know, I most likely have forgotten and will add it asap.

Font guide.

The mini header that appears above all my icons when I post is from the web comic Bunny.

Original layout coding and tiny icons by realsoon.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide